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Garmin Heart Rate Monitor : Your New Workout Buddy

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When it comes to working out and breaking out a sweat, one of the important factors that you should monitor is your heart rate. The pumping of your heart is necessary in determining your cardiovascular health. The measurement of the heart rate also plays a vital role in the intensity of your exercise session. And so to help you in your goals, you need to have a device like a Garmin heart rate monitor to carry around with you as you work out.

Your Heart Rate

According to the National Institute of Health or NIH, the normal heart rate of a person is 60 to 100 beats per minute. The normal target maximum heart rate of a person is approximately 220 beats per minute minus the persons age. When a person exercises, the heart rate should reach 50 to 80 percent of the maximum heart rate.

Advantages of Using a Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

Using an efficient heart rate monitor would bring a lot of benefits that can help improve various aspects of your health.

  • Your very own personal coach – Having a Garmin heart rate monitor is like having a personal training coach. As you monitor your heart rate, you can find out if you need to increase or decrease the intensity of your work out. You can check whether youve reached your target heart rate so you can adjust your activities and exercise routine.
  • Customized and easy training – The Garmin heart rate monitor has a built-in feature that allows you to select the exercise mode or activity that you are currently doing. It may either be biking / cycling, running, hiking, or others. The mode button also makes it easier for you to transition from different exercises.
  • Keeps track – Your heart rate progress is recorded by the device so you can analyze the data for better planning. The device also allows you to conveniently store the data in your hard disk so you can easily and simply monitor and keep track of all your activities and the progress that you are making.
  • Safe workout sessions – A heart rate monitoring device like Garmin lets you know whether you are exerting too much effort in your workout. By knowing this, you can easily adjust your plan so as not to overwork your heart and you can reach the health goals that you set through aerobic exercise.

There is a wide range of Garmin heart rate monitors that are specially designed to conveniently and efficiently monitor your heart rate as you undergo an exercise routine. There are even devices that are GPS enabled to boost its performance. Other features also include wireless sharing and storage. With all the features and advantages of a Garmin heart rate monitor, you can be assured that you can safely conduct your aerobic or workout session by monitoring your heart rate. When you use a heart rate monitor, your overall health can be greatly improved. So if you want to get your heart and body pumping for better health, you should make the Garmin heart rate monitor your new workout buddy.

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