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The Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor – A Must-Have Item for Every Training

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If you are looking for an affordable heart rate monitor that offers you all the basic features, the Polar FT4 might be one of the best choices available. First of all, it is an accurate heart rate monitor, but it doesn’t only monitor your heart rate; it also offers several other valuable features for an intense and efficient training.

Besides offering you information on your peak and average heart rate in a training session, it also calculates how much time you have spent exercising in your target zone, what your total workout time was, and how many calories you have burnt during the workout. All this information is stored in the monitor, so you can keep track of your training sessions and see how much you have progressed. It stores the information for 14 workouts, but, unfortunately, you cannot download it on your computer to your personal training file.

Another great thing about this monitor is the fact that it acts like a personal trainer. Once you input your age, sex, weight and height, it will calculate your target zone, and every time you are below or above the limits of your zone, it will let you know.

The FT4 heart rate monitor is probably one of the easiest to use heart rate monitors on the market. Setting the monitor and changing between different settings is straightforward, and you will not need a manual in order to do that. However, you should pay attention to the fact that the monitor has several setting languages, and if you mistakenly choose one that is not English, you might have a hard time undoing the error. If you are not a native English speaker, having the controls in your native language might be a big plus.

Because the watch is small and lightweight, it is very comfortable to wear. The strap is also comfortable, because it is made of fabric, not plastic, like other models are. However, you have to remember to wash and rinse the strap regularly, or else it will lose accuracy. Another plus for the FT4 is the fact that you can change the batteries yourself, without having to send the monitor to the manufacturers for replacement. Furthermore, the display is really easy to read, even in dim light, because it is backlit.

As you can see, the Polar FT4 has everything you might need for an efficient training: ease of use, comfort, accuracy, and a great price.

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