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What I Love About the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor

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I bought the Polar RS300X heart rate monitor not long ago, and after using it for my daily trainings, I reached the conclusion that I have picked the right choice with this device. The thing I like most about it is the fact that it offers a great number of helpful settings I can use to monitor and evaluate my training sessions. The RS300X is not just a simple heart rate monitor. It also offers information on pace, speed, distance and, the most useful of them all, calories burned. With this device, I know exactly how many calories I burn in every training session.

The monitor includes a personal training zone that I absolutely love, because it allows me to set my own goals. This heart rate monitor lets me know every time my heart rate exceeds or falls below the limits I have previously set. It also calculates the time I spend exercising in my target zone. If I want to find out how effective my training is, I can compare this time with the total time I spend exercising. These customizable features are really useful because I can set my own goals, depending on what I want to achieve and what my personal limitations are.

The device keeps track of my last 16 training sessions, which is quite I lot, in my opinion. This data offers me valuable information on my progress and the efficiency of my workout. I didn’t buy this product because I wanted to become a professional athlete, but because I wanted an accurate feedback on my weekly training. The monitor really helped me reach my targets, so I never take it off when I exercise.

The monitor looks good, and the chest band is comfortable and has a detachable transmitter. I like the monitor because it is not difficult to use or adjust, although you might have some problems reading the screen, because the display is not extremely clear. However, if you have the patience to read the displays carefully, you can find out a lot of information on your training session, a lot more than you could read on other heart monitor screens.

Probably the best advantage of this heart monitor is its high accuracy. The device displays my heart rate accurately no matter the type of workout I do. Overall, the Polar RS300X has a durable construction, great customizable features and offers very accurate monitoring of calories burned and heart rate.

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