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Why You Don’t Need a Personal Trainer If You Have the Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor

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Probably one of the most complex heart rate monitors available from this manufacturer, the Polar FT60 has valuable features that will make your training more efficient, helping you reach your workout goals in an intelligent and progressive manner. It includes every possible setting you would want in a heart rate monitor, and does a great job motivating you to exercise more efficiently and intelligently.

However, among the features it includes, the most useful one is the personalized training program, the Polar Star. This program allows you to create target zones depending on your age, physical condition, sex, and so on. With the help of this program, you can design a fitness routine that gradually increases the intensity of the workout, so you can exercise efficiently and never lose motivation. That is why this monitor will act as your own personal trainer that encourages you to try harder, without exhausting yourself. Furthermore, because the Polar FT60 stores your personal data, you receive constant feedback on your progress, so you can evaluate how far you have come.  You can also find out how many calories you have burnt, and you can also keep track of weight loss and create weight loss plans. If you upload all this information to the website, you can have an overall view on all your training sessions, progress and workout efficiency.

The chest strap is large enough to fit wider chests, and picks up your heart rate with accuracy. However, you should avoid washing it in the washing machine, because it might wear off. You must also be aware of possible disturbances: televisions, cell phones, high voltage power lines and other appliances might interfere with the transmitter and cause inaccurate heart rate readings.

Displays are easy to read, and so is navigation. The backlight can help you read displays even in the darkness. There aren’t any problems with the buttons, but the screen can be easily scratched. Another plus for the FT60 is the fact that it is a very stylish watch that looks considerably better than most other heart rate monitors on the market. You can wear it with casual clothes, and nobody will notice it is a heart rate monitor and not a simple wristwatch.

Although it is slightly more expensive than other Polar models, the FT60 offers a priceless feature that will considerably improve your trainings: the customizable program. With the help of the Polar FT60 heart rate monitor, you can set short and long term goals and evaluate your progress without having to ask a fitness trainer for advice.

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